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About Australia

Australia is a beautiful country surrounded by beaches, coasts, and oceans. There are a variety of reasons due to which students wish to pursue their higher education in Australia such as, its natural beauty, weather, climate, urbanised civilisation, developed economy, and decent education system with post-work opportunities. There are a total of 43 universities in multiple cities where one can choose among various courses such as engineering, marine, aviation, management, tourism, etc. Universities provide excellent training with practical knowledge and offer various scholarships and internships to their students. The vibrant culture, beautiful weather, advanced cities, and welcoming nature of native people motivates international students to stay here longer even after completing their studies. 

Australia has grand institutes & universities, excellent trainers, a variety of programs at different levels from secondary to doctoral, affordable tuition & living fee, scholarship availability, opportunity of engaging in internships & part-time jobs during the study programs, post-study work permit, opportunity to work in Australian companies, the probability to get an easy residence permit.

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Post study work visa
2 Years
IELTS for Master
6.5, Not less than 5.5 in any module
National dish
Roast Lamb Rules
Visa Success Rate
IELTS for Bachelor
6.0, Not less than 5.5 in any module
Australia Day
26th January 100%



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