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With the Internet spreading linke wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to websites in search for information.


Canada gets the highest number of international students every year around the globe because of its reputation & expertise in the sectors of communication, transportation, technologies & natural resources.


England has the royal culture & is known for its empire & leadership. Quality of their education system attracts global students in different areas such as law, medicine, engineering, MBA & tourism.


Germany is famous for its free & quality education system specially in medicine and research & technology. It’s culture, reputation in the international market, safe environment and government funded universities makes it a perfect spot for higher education.


Australia is surrounded by many oceans which makes it an unimaginable beauty of nature. The sparkling cities with grand universities & colleges makes it an attractive place for international students.


USA, the global boss, has the largest number of universities with attractive scholarships. It’s technology, information system, research, army, security, medical facilities along with unique & diverse culture makes it a top destination for higher education & international exposure.


Though it is a small country, it has maintained its reputation for decades along with it’s warmth, culture, tradition & hospitality. Its natural beauty, democracy, and economic wealth provide students grand & structured universities with all facilities.

New Zealand

With affordable living costs, variety of programs & ample opportunities in the global market, students come to New Zealand for higher education which is approved by the Government of New Zealand for its quality check.


France is the best destination for entrepreneurs & thinkers. It is famous for Business, Innovations, Finances. It provides a large marketplace for freshers & starters.


EDEXO’s connections with 1221+ universities in different countries provide your students the best chance for success in admission & visa.



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